Typical Trip Distance; This calculator can be used to estimate the battery pack size for a DIY electric bike kit, based on the type of riding and the typical distance traveled. ... Bike weight: kg: kg: Tire type If the motor output power and human power exceeds the load power of the vehicle, it will accelerate. Leaderboards My Sections Friends. The selection of cassettes is up to date as of February 2018 for Shimano, SRAM, SunRace and recent Campagnolo models. Some of the old calculators are still around - see the "Old Stuff" menu item above. Not related to cycling, but I wish you have a calculator for computing Calories Burnt doing YOGS, in particular SUN SALUTATIONS (DN) at various speeds.. 30s/SN,12min/SN & 2min/SN.. 😊 Thank You, [7] 2020/10/20 05:14 Male / 20 years old level / An engineer / Very / Simulator Power calculator Spoke length calculator Download Drives Companies. Bar ends Do not create enemies. Maybe the name C d A Calculator is a little bit misleading. The calculations take frictional losses (tyres, bearings, chain), air drag and energy to climb a gradient into account when calculating power … Things you can power/charge. The result is automatically used for... Formulas. the standard measure air pressure \( p_{0} \) of 101325 Pa. Internation System of Units, The first part is about your human engine (your power and weight) and the parameters who determine this (like training). Get Best Bike Split. Power Calculator. Bike Speed and Power Calculator Calculate Speed and Power. Carry a good tube. The default values can be used for a road cyclist on the hoods. To compare the power with people of different body weight objectively, this power This cycling wattage calculator is a tool designed for all cycling passionates. 13” MacBook Pro – This new Apple laptop requires 60 watts to charge & run, so at 50 watts the power would almost be enough. If you have any trouble or have suggestions, let me know: curt@bikecalculator.com. Use the electric bicycle calculators to calculate the weight, speed and range of different electric bicycles with various configuration and components. To calculate the power for the slope, the climb rate has to be calculated first. It is only valid for dry air and changes with increasing humidity. iPhone 6 – The iPhone battery stores about 5 watt-hours of power, so you could theoretically charge it in 6 minutes. Type of Riding anticipated – minimal assist, typical assist, or power-hungry. Air density can be calculated with the following calculator. It is easily calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by your average power output (in watts). It can be used to compare different setups to find the optimal gearing for all kinds of bicycles. Training with power has been proven again and again to be the most efficient way to improve your cycling performance. Walter Zorn unfortunately passed away in 2009. Since one has to make quite a few assumptions under which this Calculator works maybe the name "C d A Estimator" would be more suitable - but who would Google this Keywords ;-).. To name the most important assumptions: flat course and no head or tailwind. is often based on the weight. APPS. Rider Course Power and Climb Rate; Marco Pantani (123lb/16lb) Alpe d'Huez 8.6 miles, 7.89% grade: 371W = 300 + 3 + 70 5709 ft/hr, 13.681 mph: Jan Ullrich Functional Threshold Power (FTP): You can estimate FTP with from your best recent 20-minute power value (either from a dedicated 20-minute test or a sufficiently hard 20-minute effort from a race or workout). The temperature \( T \) needs to be present as absolute temperature in Kelvin. It shows how much power (watts) cyclist can continuously produce in one hour. This calculator is based on the theory of the Secret of Cycling. If you have one of our convenient 80/20 Endurance electronic plans, your custom training zones are auto-calculated directly within each workout and this calculator is not necessary. Power-to-weight ratio matters because it’s a great predictor of performance. These Output values are then stored on the Peloton Bike sensor control board to be accessed during each ride. Retrieved 19 October 2019, \( slope_{decimal} = k = \frac{slope_{\%}}{100} \), \( P_{air} = \frac{1}{2} \cdot c_{w} \cdot A \cdot \rho \cdot v^3 \), \( P_{roll} = F_{roll} \cdot v = m \cdot g \cdot \mu_{R} \cdot v \), \( v_{climb} = \frac{k \cdot v}{\sqrt{1+k^2}} \), \( P_{climb} = m \cdot g \cdot v_{climb} \), \( P_{total} = P_{air} + P_{roll} + P_{climb} \), \( R_{S} = 287,058 \frac{J}{kg \cdot K} \), \( p = p_{0} \cdot (1 - \frac{6,5 \cdot h}{288000})^{5.256} \). You can also estimate FTP from a recent best 45-60 minute power output. About the C d A calculator. Welcome to the oldest and most popular bicycle performance prediction calculator on the web - since 1997. Accurate requirements: steady state submaximal aerobic exercise ; cycle ergometer must be properly calibrated An interactive calculator that lets you explore the relationship between cycling power and speed. The selection of internal-gear hubs in the Calculator is complete except for one a few new models whose gear ratios have not been made public, and some very rare antiques. How many kilometres do the different Bosch eBike batteries last? Advantage Meter iPhone Android. Bike Calculator. You can enter your velocity to get your power, or vice versa. So, what will be the range of bike at speed of 60kmph. The heavier you and your bike are, the more energy you must spend to overcome gravity. I want to make an electric bike. For example, you can find out how much power you can save when switching from knobby to slick tires. 20+ is green, 10ish-20, blue, and below 10, red. Assumptions: Constant speed analysis Bike weight = 22 lb Drag coefficients reference "Science of Cycling", E.R. 1.25 1.5 1.75 1.95 2.00 2.10 2.125 2.20 2.25 2.30 2.35 2.40  other in. The power of bldc motor is 2.5kw with 48v 50ah lithium ion battery pack. This calculator can be used with ergometers with mechanical resistance settings, or ergometers that do not electronically alter resistance to compensate for cycling speed. Check out the iPhone version of this calculator. The air density \( \rho \) can be calculated with the temperature \( T \) and the air pressure \( p \). The computational cyclist. Welcome to the oldest and most popular bicycle performance prediction calculator on the web - since 1997. Retrieved 19 October 2019, Desnity of air, This results in a relative Power with the unit W/kg. The overall weight is 300kg. Most cyclists use their FTP for their power input to calculate their PWR for an hour (or a standard criterium). By using our simple calculator, you can instantly calculate your cycling power zones! Drops Bartops 0 20 mm 23 25 28 32 35 38 44 50 56 1.00 in. Bicycle gear size and cadence/speed calculator Wheel size: 20" 24" 26" 700C 27" 650B 29" + tyre dia. A figure of two watts (of power) per Kg of body weight is often quoted as a maximum sustainable power for a fit person. One allows numeric entries for all parameters instead of menu picks. ... Power lost to mechanical losses, friction, etc. The dyno is able to measure and record actual power Output (Watts). The Bosch Range Assistant displays how many kilometres your pedelec can travel on a single battery charge. The pulse can also be affected by many different factors, while the power output can give an indication of the actual training stress. The units will be in either mph/sec or kph/sec. The default values can be used for a road cyclist on the hoods. Effortlessly compute speed or power for all important parameters, such as weight, grade, position and tire type. First, speed and slope needs to be converted into SI units. Races & Goals Weight Management Fitness tests. Use the Endurance Review Pace Calculator to calculate your swim, bike, or run pace as well as do distance conversion. Amongst the many things he created was an excellent speed and power calculator which many people have credited as being quite accurate. Training Nutrition Adjust the weekplan Training Zones Statistics Ask an Expert. The The original calculator page is here. (1998) along with the CdA estimation model & equipment testing of Bassett et al. Effortlessly compute speed or power for all important parameters, such as weight, grade, position and tire type. The more aero the position is, which means you try to hide from the wind, the lower this value is and © 2012 Curt Austin, all rights reserved. Also see Electronic Cycle Ergometer Calculator. How The Peloton Bike Calculates Power Output (Watts) Before delivery, Peloton Bikes are affixed to a dynamometer (“dyno”) — used to measure torque on a drivetrain. With its help, you can explore the relationship between the power you produce and various parameters such as speed, biking position, hill slope, or pavement type. For example, you might want to compare riders with different heights at identical BMI … Leaderboards. Walter Zorn's Kreuzotter Bicycle Speed and Power Calculator. The sum of these three portions of power results in the total power. Multiply that value by 95% to get your FTP. If the motor power is less, it will decelerate. An e-bike, electric bicycle or pedelec is a bicycle with an electric auxiliary motor, which gets its energy from a rechargeable battery. Consumption: This is the Wh/km or Wh/mi as you would expect to see on the Cycle Analyst for the energy consumption of the vehicle. Aerobar, Other Predictions: Athletes can produce figures much higher than this. (1999). All values can on temperature and altitude. Otherwise, use this calculator to identify your individual intensity zones. With the values from this BMI-Calculator you can check how much a change of body weight or height (or both) would influence the bicycle speed or the required propulsion power. Zone Calculator Training by a zone will help you focus more on your workout then on your heart rate or power values. The friction coefficient for a mountain bike is higher thant the preset value. Using our math and physics engine we will output the best possible power based plan to allow you to have the fastest bike split possible given the course conditions and any power … The product of \( c_{W} \) and front face depends on the bike, The following numeric values equation uses the altitude \( h \) in metres and The air pressure is calculated using the barometric elevation formula. All values for the calculation need to be in SI-units. be freely changed. Or use the handy slider to change both at the same time (may not work with some browsers). Important numbers for such a battery are the voltage in volts (V), the electric charge in ampere hours (Ah) and the electric energy in watt hours (Wh). The bicycle gear calculator displays graphically the gearing of derailleur gears and gear hubs. By clicking "accept cookies" you consent to the use of cookies on this website. [add 'mm' if required] Calculate Air Density. Bicycle Power Calculator . Accept cookies. Colors group similar values. the apparel and the position on the bike. (entering a value will change distance to match). Bartek. Many workout devices allow you to set your zones, and display that with or without your heart rate/wattage values. It is easy to check the existing level of FTP, using a power meter, but It was interesting to know, what is maximum hour power output. Calculator allows to estimate the power of the engine and the electric bike battery capacity to achieve the assumed speed and range. I found the solution how to determine and created the calculator, which help identify FTP depending on gender, age and weight. The calculator is composed of three parts. Plans. Convert Distances. You can choose metric or U.S. units. You can also enter values for time, energy expenditure, or weight loss - your ride distance will be adjusted to match. This is actually an "engineering model" that knows the relationships between power, speed, and the three major forces: gravity, wind resistance and rolling resistance. During his life he was responsible for much innovation in cycling, and had a very methodical approach. air density ρ depends Take two cyclists: Cyclist A can sustain a maximum power output of 250W while Cyclist B can only manage 225W. the fewer watts need to be done at the same speed. The preset value is used for 20 °C at sea level. Burke, Leisure Press, 1986, pg 126. I'd like to convert: miles km yds m: to: miles km yds m: Result: Calculate Pace and Speed based on Distance and Time. Hoods The result is automatically used for the calculation of power in the above calculator. However, for it to be successful, you need to be aware of your various power zones and what each zone means for your training. Our cycling wattage calculator can never be as accurate as a measuring system installed directly onto a bike, but the values provide acceptable approximations. Goals. More information I covered this distance: miles km: in this time: Air density can be calculated with the following calculator. How does the wattage calculator work? The Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) is the standard that most cyclists use to measure their fitness and improvement. One allows you to enter parameters for five ride segments. The combined weight of you (the cyclist) and your bike is W (kg). Using Bike Calculator, that puts a rider’s speed around 10-12 mph. The air pressure itself is dependend on the altitude \( h \). The calculator is based on the power model of Martin et al. The necessary power to overcome air resistance and rolling resistance can be calculated using the following formulas.