December 26, 2016 / MinMin. 45:02. When Helena reached adulthood, she became a member in the Department of Wishes but she was kidnapped before she could take on her new role. Since then, Krioff harbors a lot of guilt over his sister's fate, and he deeply resents his power and avoids using it whenever possible. He represents the constellation of Aries. However, unlike the other zodiac gods, Krioff's control of his ability is directly tied to his emotional state; the more emotional he becomes, the less control he is able to exert over his power. Season 1: Main Story (*Note: There are two Endings: The Romantic Time and the Dramatic Love Ending . His ability is so powerful that he can cause the air to ignite, making it appear that he can conjure fire. Hello Everyone! He tends to look down on the gods in the Wishes department and is often annoyed with Ichthys and Partheno in particular. 1 Background 1.1 Insight 2 Appearance 2.1 Outfits 3 Personality 4 Special Ability 5 Summary of Routes 6 Trivia Krioff is the oldest child and only son born into a distinguished family of gods who had served the King of the Heavens. The MC explained that on Earth, couples kiss when they exhange “I dos.” Without warning, Krioff kisses the MC and he tells her that he loves her. Season 1: Main Story (*Note: Special Thanks to Kylie for this Walkthrough! Download the Star-Crossed Myth app and purchase Karno's story for $3.99USD! Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Posted on 11 Apr 2018 11 Apr 2018 Author Miho Fujiwara Categories fanfiction, Miho Tags fanfiction, Karno, Krioff, Leon, Punishments, SCM, Scorpio, Star-crossed Myth, Teorus, The King of the Heavens, Voltage Inc., Wishes Leave a comment on Heaven Hath No Fury: Two Endings Star-Crossed - Inside Star-Crossed: Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars - HD 720p - MNPHQMedia. Copyright © OtomeOtakuGirl 2014-2020. Taking you to the heavens, you hear other gods' merciless murmuring of Krioff being a god of destruction. To say he’s nervous is an understatement. Krioff paces back and forth. Template:CharacterTab Krioff is a selectable god in the game Star-Crossed Myth. He is very competitive when it comes to the other gods, and can get a bit riled up if provoked. Episode 1 My parents are on your side. Krioff/Main Character (Star-Crossed Myth) (3) Partheno/Main Character (Star-Crossed Myth) (3) Tauxolouve/Main Character (Star-Crossed Myth) (3) Include Additional Tags Smut (3) Oral Sex (3) Humor (2) Multiple Partners (2) Embarrassment (2) Explicit Language (2) Mild Language (2) Tropes associated with Krioff: Can't Hold His Liquor: A character interview with him states that alcohol is not his strong point. You and Krioff worry about the differences between you as human and god when Krioff receives a letter from his father. They insulted him and his sister because she fell from grace; she lost her godhood and was reborn on Earth as a human. Sometime after this, the King appointed Krioff as a member in the Department of Punishments, where he made a name for himself among the zodiac gods as an ambitious and diligent worker. Star Crossed Myth Krioff Story 1. Krioff promises to stay by your side, but can the changes be reversed? As you spend more time with Krioff, however, you realize that behind his fierce personality is a painful and rueful past... You are finally reunited with Krioff. Game: Star-Crossed Myth Word count: 763 Genre: Fluff Warning: None Note: None. Her kidnapper was an evil god who wanted her power for himself and Krioff tried to save her, which awoken his power but his emotional state caused to not only hurt the evil god, but his sister as well. Okay. He is one of the tallest zodiac gods and has a muscular build. An “I do” kiss.” Forbidden Ending Due to his unwavering belief in the destructive nature of his power, Krioff prefers to spend most of his time alone and can appear fierce and intimidating; however, he’s simply quiet by nature and is truly kind-hearted beneath his gruff exterior. A special gift opens up a possibility for the two of you to become one, but what will happen? Your days are dreamless and mundane until, one night, you notice a star sparkling in the heavens. Krioff has short silver hair and silver eyes. See more ideas about star crossed myth, myths, star crossed. He's the only god out of the other six to have his eye color change when using his power or enraged. In a tense turn of events, you end up temporarily living with Krioff in the heavens. Despite the favoritism, she was close to her brother. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Star Crossed Myth Fanfiction Fanfiction. Here's the answer to get the forbiden ending on the sequel:Story 1: B/CStory 2: B/CStory 3: C/AStory 4: C/BStory 5: C/BStory 6: C/AStory 7: C/C. Episode 3 It’s a secret. scm, dui, fanfiction. You think he would strongly disagree, but he's stated that the gods are in fact right. Voltage Inc Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The shooting star turns out to be a group of beautiful gods from the heavens. Mar 18, 2015 - Explore Oceana Gutierrez's board "Star crossed myth", followed by 1522 people on Pinterest. Apr 12, 2020 - Explore Gemma Roberts's board "star crossed myth" on Pinterest. On this page you can find all pictures available on this blog. He seems to be forcing himself to "act like a boyfriend should". Season 1: Main Story Episode 1 A cold person. Wizardess Heart+ is a visual nov... (*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin , Renee & Yashi for this Walkthrough! ... Karno, Aigonorus, Krioff, Tauxolouve, Partheno "A Promise of Infinity: His PoV" is only available in English; What you need to know. Otome visual novel Star-Crossed Myth, which first launched for iOS and Android in 2014, is coming to Switch via the Nintendo eShop in 2019 as Star-Crossed Myth: The Department of Wishes and Star… Somebody wrote that he even makes Leon look bearable, so he must be awesome. To go to the Main Page of a game, simply click... Hello Everyone! [Walkthrough] Star Crossed Myth - Krioff Season 1: Main Story (*Note: There are two Endings: the Blessed Ending and the Forbidden Ending. For example, when he first watches TV in your apartment, he believes that a person is actually inside the television set and talks back to them as though they can hear and respond to him. Krioff is absolutely horrified. As you're thinking long and hard about who should protect you, Krioff volunteers. While he's not especially close to anyone, he's good friends with Dui. Both have an extra CG and if you unlock both Endings, you get a Special Movie where he confesses his love!) Nothing brings me greater pleasure than reading the comments my stories get. So far, Krioff is the only zodiac god to have a sibling. Hence, what they do not possess and truly your love. “What happens when you wish upon a star?”In the night sky full of stars -farther than the eye can see,one beautiful shooting star suddenly appears before you...the heavens have something amazing in store for you. Kikyo Gamer. Tanja Erhardt. Your days are dreamless and mundane until, one night, you notice a star sparkling in the heavens. One of the senior ninjas become your instructor to support you... Main Story (*Note: Special Thanks to ladislava for this Walkthrough! Plot: Star Crossed Myth is a multi-story game, so there are several different stories per character spanning over two seasons. Although the other gods in the heavens have some knowledge of Helena’s accident, they appear to believe it was intentional and refer to Krioff as the 'God of Destruction' behind his back. Krioff is the second bachelor to speak to you about marriage (both fake and real). However, when his power is unleashed, his eyes turn a fiery orange-red color. Related Posts : aigonorus, huedhaut, ichthys, karno, krioff, leon, partheno, scorpio, star-crossed myth… Continue reading “My Lover is a Tragic God: Star Crossed Myth- Tauxolouve Review” My Lover is an Antisocial God: Star Crossed Myth- Krioff Review By pokeninja90 on October 17, 2016 • … He is straightforward and can be extremely blunt when he speaks; for instance, when a child god attempts to thank him for stopping some other children from bullying him, Krioff states that he didn't intervene for the sake of the child and was simply fulfilling his role as a Punishments god. On the night before the Tanabata festival, a young woman makes a wish on a shooting star - and suddenly finds herself confronted by six unbelievably handsome young men who claim to be gods of the stars. Also, a Genuinely Nice Guy. 1:20. He prefers it over all other earth food, and he even leaves notes on the pints in your freezer telling you that it's his and ordering you not to eat it.. Krioff has very little knowledge of human technology. Krioff has the ability to rapidly adjust the temperature of the air around him, causing his surroundings to become either extremely hot or extremely cold. Star-Crossed Myth is a Visual Novel Romance Game by Voltage Inc for iOS and Android devices. : Wizardess Heart + Main Page, [Walkthrough] Shall we date? Krioff seemed to have accepted that his sister was happy because she found love and that she would not have wanted to return to the heavens. A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. Not Good with People: Doesn't talk much and isn't fond of parties. Hope u enjoy. Se flere idéer til karakter, tegneteknikker. She managed to survive, but her powers were lost and chose to give up her godhood and be reborn as a human, which the King granted. Krioff is the oldest child and only son born into a distinguished family of gods who had served the King of the Heavens. 20 czerwca 2019 1 grudnia 2020 Otome Forever Brak komentarzy solucje, Star-Crossed Myth, Walkthrough „Star-Crossed Myth” to kolejna gra, którą znajdziemy w aplikacji „Love 365” od Voltage. Season 1 (*Note: Special Thanks to Detestie for this Walkthrough!) Star-Crossed Myth: The Department of Wishes: ... Krioff, Partheno, Dui, and Ichthys! This content is sold by Nintendo of Europe GmbH. He rules over the Aries constellation. Star-Crossed Myth - The Department of Punishments - System: Nintendo Switch Release date: 04/06/2020. - Season 1: Sherlock Holmes, [Walkthrough] Scandal in the Spotlight - Nagito Aoshima, [Walkthrough] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Rhion Hatter. Just as you are beginning to hope your differences can be overcome, you start to undergo startling changes. 0:29 [Read] PDF Perfectly Star Crossed (Star Crossed Lovers Book 1) New Reales. Krioff you little beauty! It turns out Krioff has reservations about being intimate with you. Your relationship with Krioff is progressing, but you have yet to take the final step. Krioff's Work Attire (Left) and True Form (Right). See more ideas about star crossed myth, myths, star crossed lovers. Voltage describes him as being antisocial, but it’s actually much more than that, Krioff doesn’t hate people per se, in fact it’s quite the opposite, I honestly think he craves acceptance from others. Out of anger, Krioff lit the whole area in flames, nearly killing the other gods and destroying the garden. However, he was cast aside for his power didn't develop yet whereas his younger sister, Helena, was exceptionally talented. When the king offers a reward to the god who successfully protects you from the Dark King, he immediately volunteers in the hopes that he can use the reward to bring Helena back to the heavens. Thank you for becoming a member. Although he seems fascinated by human culture, Krioff has not had much exposure to earth or humans in general and often reacts in unexpected ways when exposed to earth objects. On this page you can find all walkthroughs available on this blog. Read Intimate- Krioff from the story Star Crossed Myth Fanfiction by Elli-Dawn (Alisha) with 1,180 reads. He rules over the Aries constellation. Krioff is a selectable god in the game Star-Crossed Myth. Hiyori gives you two tickets for a Kyoto trip to celebrate. Za główne historie zapłacimy ok. 400 coins, czyli niecałe 20 zł, a za PoV i krótkie historie między sezonami ok. 10 zł od jednej. Welcome to the most prominent academy for wizards in the universe, Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy! : Guard me, Sherlock! He rules over the Aries constellation. Powered by, [Walkthrough] Masquerade Kiss - Kazuomi Shido, [Walkthrough] Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Eisuke Ichinomiya, [Walkthrough] Gangsters in Love - Chance Valentine, Shall we date? I like his character a lot so I ended up choosing him. MNPHQMedia. [Star-Crossed Myth] Krioff~ Main Story~ Forbidden Ending December 26, 2016 / MinMin Here we go with Krioff’s Forbidden Ending which took me several attempts to get… guess I must be a Blessed girl at heart! Okay. Krioff is a God from the Department of Punishments. Clockwise from top left: Karno, Zyglavis, Aigonorus, Partheno, Tauxolouve, Krioff The Guys, Group II: Karno, ruler of Cancer, Vice Minister of the Department of Wishes. Krioff. “That was a vow. I wanted to play his route so badly, he was definitely my second choice after Zyglavis and I was gutted when I realised he wasn’t available/translated. As gods, they should have everything. Krioff was in the courtyard and close to him were two gods who were gossiping about him. Just For Fun Star Crossed Myth Scm Voltage Game Is your guy Leon, Scorpio, Teorus, Dui, Huedhaut, Ichthys, Karno, Zyglavis, Aigonorus, Krioff, Tauxolouve or Partheno Add to library 9 Discussion 1 Watermark theme. When he’s not using the reflecting pool for his official duties, he often checks on his sister, who's now a young human woman named Haruka. While trying to convince you that Krioff isn't as gruff as he seems, Dui states that he considers Krioff to be the kindest of all 12 zodiac gods. Because of his reputation, almost all the other gods, save for those in the Punishments and Wishes departments, fear him. Chikatetsu Kara no Dasshutsu, Krioff’s greatest desire is to find a way to restore Helena’s godhood, as he is convinced she will be happier as a god. Shin Seizon Ritsu 0%! 01-06-2020 - Se opslagstavlen “Voltage Inc.“, der følges af 335 personer på Pinterest og tilhører Tina. If you want to go to the Main Page of a game, simply ... You secretly join an organization as a shadow of your brother. He's the second god to be shown with both parents; the first was. Plot: Star Crossed Myth is a multi-story game, so there are several different stories per character spanning over two seasons. If you like my stories I'd be forever grateful if you can comment on them with your thoughts. Template:CharacterTab Krioff is a selectable god in the game Star-Crossed Myth. [Star-Crossed Myth] Krioff~ Main Story~ Blessed Ending. Can you name the Star-Crossed Myth? How will you and Krioff smooth over this predicament? Krioff's favorite food is vanilla ice cream. Episode 2 To teach me something. Krioff is a brusque god, who goes out of his way to keep everyone around him at arms length. You are excited at the prospect of being able to go on your first date with Krioff, but Krioff is acting strangely.