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Legend has it the couple, like so many other tourists, visited Las Vegas hoping to win a jackpot. Unlike others, they did hit the big one. After that, they decided to stay in Sin City, namely Harrah’s Las Vegas, where (along with their dog Chip) they’d try to sprinkle their magic fairy dust on visitors who were also trying to get rich quickly.

Like all great myths, every Harrah’s visitor seems to have their own story about the blinged-out couple. We’ve heard that the duo were inspired by real folks Bill Harrah knew, of visitors being mistaken for either Winnie, Buck or both and even how a visit to the statue can bring you luck. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone spun us a tale of how Winnie’s bouffant hairdo was inspired by Priscilla Presley’s updo and Buck hung out with Tom Jones and Burt Reynolds.

And get this, back as late as 2014, actors dressed as the duo would walk around Harrah’s casino floor trying to bring luck to gamblers. Talk about bring the duo to life.

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