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In Vegas, you may need Lady Luck at the gambling tables, but not at the dining table. Join a savvy culinary walking tour to hideaways and acclaimed restaurants and taste the best bites this exciting city offers. Enjoy immediate seating and get valuable recommendations from your knowledgeable guide.

Get the inside track on a walking tour from a company founded by professionals with years of experience working in top-rated eateries. With exclusive connections and research combing through menus, blogs, and respected reviews, your guide has uncovered little-known gems on the Strip and off-the-beaten path that make Vegas one of the most eclectic dining scenes around.

Your enthusiastic guide leads the way to discover buzzed-about dishes, unique preparations, and exciting tastes in Vegas—leaving guests smacking their lips. At the end of the tour, leave full of good eats, valuable tips, and recommendations to make the rest of your stay even more enjoyable. Visit 4 restaurants on a casual afternoon tour or take an evening tour for a more glamorous adventure.

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