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Everyone knows there are a number of casino tips and tricks to help gamblers gain a fighting chance at winning against the house. Blackjack players are able to learn basic strategy using tables; poker players master the art of bluffing. Even good roulette players have a few tips that help them win. But what about slots – they’re random, right? Well, yes, they are. But believe it or not, there are real ways to increase your chances of winning at the slot machines. Check our top tips and trick how to beat casino slots!

Slot machines run on random number generators, which are computer programs certified by a regulatory authority. The programs control where individual reels stop with every spin – so each spin is separate and totally independent from any other, which means it’s completely random. The previous spins have no outcome on the next spin. We know it kind of sounds hopeless to figure out a strategy, but there are ways to help you increase your bankroll, and we’ve listed them here so you can start winning big today.

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